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The lessons that follow are made with the culinary artist, of any level, in mind. If you have already purchased the course, great! However, if you're still browsing, you will have full access to our first 3 units for a limited time. Thanks and Enjoy!
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Glenn Westman

CEO- Linguist, Chef, Digital Specialist & Co-founder
Glenn began studying Culinary Arts in Granada, Spain after finishing his BA in Applied Languages & Translation (Spanish, French & Italian) in the UK.   He then moved to the beach in Costa Rica, where he created & managed a Bar/Restaurant for 5 years. Having always wanted to be a foreign language teacher, he decided instead to jump headfirst into Instructional Design and E-Learning. Then, with Tim's expertise, Learn Kitchen Spanish was born.

Tim Coleman

Director of Instructional Design & Methodology - Linguist, Counselor, & Co-founder
Tim Coleman’s life’s work has been about teaching people how to communicate across language, social, and cultural divides. With a BA in cultural anthropology and romance languages (Spanish and French), a MA in foreign language education, and a MS in counseling, Tim is fascinated by the human condition. He is excited to bring this brand of language instruction to the digital realm and create a global classroom.
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