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Your Kitchen, Expertly Prepared
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Our self-guided online course teaches you everything you need to increase communication, improve morale, & be a part of a productive culinary team.
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18 Lessons

+ 300 extra Flashcards & printable kitchen Spanish
Cheat Sheets

8 Units

3+ Hours of material
Created To sharpen your
Language Skills

1K+ Vocab

Word & Phrases you need to know to connect
with your team


Why Choose Learn Kitchen Spanish?

Practical Lessons

Our course is designed to provide the Spanish vocabulary & phrases needed to communicate effectively without having to learn the entire language from scratch.

An Immersive Experience

The modern kitchen is as close as you can get to being immersed in a language without studying abroad. At LKS, we encourage every student to practice their skills everyday with their teammates to build confidence and community.

For your career

Whether you're a Kitchen Manager, Prep Cook, or Executive Chef, speaking Spanish & communicating efficiently with your team can boost your career exponentially. One lesson at a time.

¡Bienvenidos A La Cocina!

At Learn Kitchen Spanish we focus on teaching Spanish through the language of professional kitchens. Studying your coworker's language shows that you are willing to learn & want to be a integral part of your team.

Learning Kitchen Spanish opens up new avenues of communication, leading to better understanding and collaboration between team members while increasing efficiency & safety in the kitchen.
yOur teachers

Meet Your New Instructors

Glenn Westman

CEO- Linguist, Chef, Restauranteur, Digital Specialist, & Co-founder
Glenn began studying Culinary Arts in Granada, Spain after finishing his BA in Applied Languages & Translation (Spanish, French & Italian) in the UK. He then moved to the beach in Costa Rica, where he started & managed a Bar/Restaurant for 5 years. Having always wanted to be a  language teacher, he decided  to jump into E-Learning.
Then, with Tim's expertise, LKS was born.

Tim Coleman

Director of Instructional Design & Methodology - Linguist, Counselor, &
Tim Coleman’s life’s work has been about teaching people how to communicate across language, social, and cultural divides. With a BA in cultural anthropology and romance languages (Spanish and French), a MA in foreign language education, and a MS in counseling, Tim is fascinated by the human condition. He is excited to bring this brand of language instruction to the digital realm and create a global classroom.
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